Earn Extra Income Fast

Looking to make some side income? We have work all across the states waiting to be completed. Make easy money in just a few minutes by taking property photos. The more photos you snap, the more cash you make!

One great thing about FLIQ is that you work when you want. You will be notified when assignments are available, and you can either accept or decline them.

Real estate agents specializing in home inspections rely on FLIQ to decide the condition of properties and neighborhoods from our team of quality contractors.

We also hire because we have a constant stream of work for field photography/inspections. We are looking for efficient, professional field agents to join our constantly expanding team. Before applying make sure you have the required skills, ability and equipment for work.


  • A smartphone or camera (to take photos)
  • A reliable means of transportation to travel from location to location
  • GPS capabilities (a phone works great)
  • The ability to follow directions
  • The ability to upload photos from a phone/camera to our website.
  • A Paypal account for payment (we currently only offer payment through paypal, but will be expanding to other methods of payment in the future).

Benefits to Working with FLIQ

  • Convenient way to make extra income.
  • Be your own boss. Accept jobs at your own pace. Set your own hours. All from the comfort of your own car.
  • Set your own coverage. FLIQ’s integrated mapping system allows you to choose where you want to accept work based on any address of your choosing.
  • Get paid WEEKLY! We pay out every Wednesday for all orders completed the previous week.
  • No more dealing with obnoxious passengers or troublesome food orders, FLIQ is one of the simplest ways to make side income without even leaving your car.

How it works

  1. Clients place orders daily all across the country for you to accept.
  2. Once you are signed up and your account is approved, you will begin receiving orders via email. You can accept/decline through the email, or in your online profile.
  3. Should you choose to accept an order, it is typically due 36 hours from acceptance.
  4. Orders are first come first serve, so be sure you have your email notifications on in order to maximize your potential earnings.
  5. Since you decide your coverage, orders will be broadcasted to you based on your selected address. Some orders may pay more if they are located in a rural area, or need to be completed in a faster turnaround time.
  6. Faster turnaround times result in a higher rating, which in turn, results in you receiving more work.
  7. Orders assigned MUST be completed within 36 hours unless otherwise specified. Some orders may be placed on what is called a “rush order” by the client. Rush orders are due within 24 hours and Super Rush orders in 6 hours. Rush and Super Rush orders will always pay out more.
  8. Orders will be reviewed by our quality control team to ensure the clients needs are met. Once approved, payment will be sent out the following Wednesday.

Photo Requirements

  • Photos can be taken with either a professional camera or a smartphone (most drivers just use their phones)
  • Photos must be taken during daylight hours
  • There cannot be anything that obstructs the view of the property. Make sure that your car is not in the photo
  • Photos must be taken in landscape (horizontal) view.
  • Photos must be clear without smudges or a blurred view.
  • There are several different types of photo sets that we offer for our clients, however the most common photo sets are going to be the 6 photo set, and the 7 photo set. This means that you will only be required to take 6 photos, or 7 photos if you accept either of these to order types. (A lot of our drivers, just to be safe, always take 7 photos regardless. It’s always better to have more than enough photos, than not enough).

Sign Up Process

  1. Register with our system by providing all the required information. Once that is filled out, you will receive a verification link via email.
  2. Enter the address you wish to use as your base address. Please note this does NOT have to be your home address, but it WILL be the address we will send work based off of.
    If you travel for work or find yourself in multiple cities, you are allowed to have multiple work addresses!
    Next, choose the distance that you prefer to work. We send work based on a zip code radius from the entered address. The standard starting distance is 7 miles. From there you can choose if you would like to cover less or more.
  3. Choose the task types you want to receive. (we suggest choosing all options to maximize incoming jobs)
  4. The final step in the sign up process will be uploading a sample photo set of the required photos you will be normally taking. These can be of any property.
  5. Download and fill out the W9 provided on the site and reupload it to your profile.
  6. That’s it!! You are ready to work.

Payment Process

  • We pay out every Wednesday afternoon for all the work completed the previous week. The pay period ends each week on Friday evening at 11:59pm (CST).
  • As of right now, we only payout through Paypal. Please note, You MUST have a Paypal account in order to receive payment.