Expand your Business with FLIQ

Our custom-designed website is built specifically to manage the process of submitting orders to Field Agents and distributing photos as efficiently and conveniently as possible to our Clients. Many of our orders are sent within just a few seconds from the moment the order is issued to our Field Agents. Our team of trained managers compile the data for each order and use it to create a 'class' Field Agent. Orders will be given first to field agents with the highest ranking. Which simply means which our company will get the very best of the best. We do have a lot of Field Agents on standby reserve to help out when we have problems.

No setup charges are available for signing up with us. Both our rates are laid out explicitly next to the service we have. To put it another way, there are no surprise fees.

All information is kept in our safe server and is never going to be sold or offered to anyone. We will not reveal any information about the Customer to anybody, any contractor or any other business.

Our company is photography / inspections 100 per cent assessment. We simply report the condition of the item / property via images, and will also include written comments in certain cases.